Speaker Ad Kaasenbrood

Plenary Lecture

Social Psychiatry for people with a personality disorder

The majority of people with a personality disorder don’t seek effective treatment or cannot afford it. In addition the majority of the people who do in mental health care, drop out of treatment and if not: probably don't get into psychotherapy. But even if they are in psychotherapeutic treatment, they might need services that are not covered by these treatments (like crisis intervention, improving the functional level, ER treatments, the organization of processes in treatment and going back to work) and the drop out rate is high.

So on the one hand there the challenge is to develop treatments that are more accessible, acceptable and affordable like Good Psychiatric Management, Structured Clinical Management and the Guideline Informed Treatment for Personality Disorders. On the other hand there is an urge to develop good social psychiatric care to guarantee that:

  • All basic needs of people who are treated for a personality disorder are met
  • Patients who are not ready for psychotherapy yet are motivated for and guided to effective treatments.
  • Patients who will not come into psychotherapy at all will get an effective treatment focused on reaching a stable and safe living environment
  • The organization of care prevents patients to drop out of treatment.

In the lecture the speaker will give an overview of:

  • The relevance of good social psychiatric care for people with a personality disorder
  • The services needed,
  • The preconditions these services have to meet

Ad Kaasenbrood, MD PhD

The aims of this workshop 

In the workshop the speaker will go into several elements of the social psychiatric treatment in more detail. Using film materials he not only will illustrate these elements but also challenges the audience to participate in role plays.