Message from the president

"The aim of the ESSPD is to bring together everyone in Europe who is interested, from whatever perspective, in the topic of personality disorder. In doing so we hope to create a vibrant society promoting understanding and treatment of personality disorder and allied disorders to ensure that personality disorder remains a subject of importance to governments, health services, clinicians, and the public."

Anthony Bateman, President of the ESSPD


Developments with the ICD-11 Classification of personality disorder 

The ICD-11 reclassification of personality disorder will be published in 2015.

Peter Tyrer summarizes the essentials of the new classification.

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Developing assessment tools for DSM-5 levels of personality dysfunction 

Several research groups in Europe are currently developing such tools.

Han Berghuis and colleagues describe how they developed the Semi-structured Interview for Personality functioning DSM-5

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 Save the date:

The 3rd International Congress on Borderline Personality and Allied Disorder will take place in Rome,
16 - 18 October 2014.

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