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"The aim of the ESSPD is to bring together everyone in Europe who is interested, from whatever perspective, in the topic of personality disorder. In doing so we hope to create a vibrant society promoting understanding and treatment of personality disorder and allied disorders to ensure that personality disorder remains a subject of importance to governments, health services, clinicians, and the public."

Martin Bohus, President of the ESSPD


Scientific News 

Scientific News: Mentalization-Based Treatment for Self-Harm in Adolescents: A Randomised Control Trial by Trudie Rossouw

Non-suicidal self-harm and suicide attempts are important public health problems in all age groups, but have particularly high prevalence in young people. In a substantial subgroup of self-harming adolescents this is a repetitive pattern that is linked to an increased sensitivity to environmental stress, strong emotional reactivity and problems of emotion regulation. Although many clinicians are reluctant to diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in adolescents, the disorder is indeed diagnosable in adolescence and it is highly predictive of adult pathology. Repetitive self-harm is not only associated with a strongly reduced quality of life, but it is also a powerful predictor of completed suicide. There is thus a strong need to develop effective interventions accessible and acceptable to adolescents and their families and feasible to deliver by clinicians in community mental health settings.

Recently two research groups have conducted randomized control trials of psychotherapeutic interventions targetting self-harm in young people.

Trudie Rossouw and Peter Fonagy have studied how Mentalization Based Treatment adapted for adolescents (MBT-A) may reduce self-harm and depression over a treatment period of 12 months.

Lars Mehlum and colleagues have studied how a shortened version of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy adapted for adolescents (DBT-A) may reduce self-harm, suicidal ideation and depression in adolescents with borderline features over a 19 weeks treatment period.

Both studies and their key findings are described here.

> Mentalization-Based Treatment for Self-Harm in Adolescents:
A Randomised Control Trial by Trudie Rossouw

> Dialectical Behavior Therapy adapted for Self-Harming and Suicidal Adolescents – A Randomised Trial by Lars Mehlum

Edited by Martin Bohus, Christian, Schmahl, and John M Oldham this new open access journal will focus on the psychological, social and neurobiological aspects of emotion dysregulation.

It will cover the whole range of BPD research including epidemiology, phenomenology, pathophysiology, psychological and pharmacological treatment, neurobiology, genetics, and animal models of BPD.

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4th International Congress on Borderline Personality and Allied Disorder 

8 – 10 September 2016

Vienna, Austria

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