Message from the president

"The aim of the ESSPD is to bring together everyone in Europe who is interested, from whatever perspective, in the topic of personality disorder. In doing so we hope to create a vibrant society promoting understanding and treatment of personality disorder and allied disorders to ensure that personality disorder remains a subject of importance to governments, health services, clinicians, and the public."

Martin Bohus, President of the ESSPD


Scientific News 

Diagnosing PD in adolescence – current dilemmas and challenges


by Michael Kaess

Although no changes were ultimately made in the overall categorial classification of personality disorders (PDs) in the DSM-5, the new manual did include minor modifications related to an increasing paradigm shift over the past few years: The DSM-5 confirmed PD diagnosis in adolescents (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

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The prevalence, structure and treatability of Personality Disorders in adolescents

J. Hutsebaut
D. Feenstra

by Dineke Feenstra and Joost Hutsebaut

Clinicians seem reluctant to diagnose personality disorders (PDs) in adolescents (Allertz & van Voorst, 2007; Chanen & McCutcheon, 2008).

Different arguments are usually being given, most of them referring to the intention to protect youngsters from stigmatizing and unhelpful labels (Freeman & Reinecke, 2007).

However, DSM-IV-TR (American Psychiatric Association, 2000, p. 687) states that PDs may be classified in children and adolescents.

Furthermore, recent studies support the validity and reliability of the diagnosis (see for example, Braun-Scharm, 1996; Grilo et al., 1998; Johnson et al., 2000; Johnson et al., 2005; Kasen et al., 2007; Westen, Shedler, Durett, Glass, & Martens, 2003).

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Edited by Martin Bohus, Christian, Schmahl, and John M Oldham this new open access journal will focus on the psychological, social and neurobiological aspects of emotion dysregulation.

It will cover the whole range of BPD research including epidemiology, phenomenology, pathophysiology, psychological and pharmacological treatment, neurobiology, genetics, and animal models of BPD.

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Upcoming Congresses 

4th International Congress on Borderline Personality and Allied Disorder 

8 – 10 September 2016

Vienna, Austria

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