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Thank you to all the participants that joined us in Budapest! 

ESSPD Research Update

Sophie Liljedahl


The quarterly newsletter is focused upon the theme of borderline personality disorder, physical health, morbidity and mortality as well as BPD, trauma and PTSD, and contains a review of the five most innovative contributions to the literature in the recent months. The corresponding scientific writer is Sophie Liljedahl, PhD.



Dear ESSPD Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

I hope all of you returned safely from our amazingly enriching and intense conference in Sitges. I have heard from many of you, that this was one of our best conferences with a lot of scientific insight and important discussion as well as socializing and enjoying beautiful Sitges. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

At the end of the conference in Sitges I took over the ESSPD presidency from Lars Mehlum, who did a fantastic job for two years. It is an honor and a pleasure to follow in your footsteps, Lars. Thank you for your great contribution!

Scientific Journal
Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotional Dysregulation

Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotional Dysregulation
edited by Martin Bohus, Christian Schmahl and John M. Oldham, this open access journal will focus on the psychological, social and neurobiological aspects of emotion dysregulation.
It will cover the whole range of BPD research including epidemiology, phenomenology, pathophysiology, psychological and pharmacological treatment, neurobiology, genetics, and animal models of BPD.


Stimulates and supports

scholarship, clinical experience, international collaboration and communication of research on all aspects of personality disorders including epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis and assessment, course and treatment in Europe.

Society with a European signature

which will address the specific needs of the European personality disorder field and actively will expand it to countries in which it is less developed.

Actively seeks contact and cooperation

with family and users organizations and is open to professionals who are actively involved or interested in the study, assessment and treatment of personality disorders.