ESSPD Webinar: Euthanasia and assisted suicide for people with personality disorders in Europe – What is our current knowledge?


TUE | January 26, 2021 | 4 to 6 pm CET




The first ESSPD webinar was devoted to informing the European specialists working with Personality disorders about the widely unknown topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide for patients with severe mental disorders in general and particularly personality disorders. Attendants watched four presentations by experts followed by a 45-minute panel and audience discussion.

Find out more about the topic in the ESSPD paper.



Prof. Babette Renneberg (Berlin, Germany), president of the ESSPD


Prof. Christian Schmahl (Mannheim, Germany)

Dr. Ester di Giacomo

Milan, Italy

Introduction to the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide with a view on psychiatric patients

Prof. Joris Vandenberghe

Leuven, Belgium

EAS and mental disorders in Belgium

Prof. Damiaan Denys

Amsterdam, Netherlands

EAS and mental disorders in The Netherlands

Prof. Lars Mehlum

Oslo, Norway

Transactional aspects of asking for and granting EAS in patients with personality disorders