Membership Information

The ESSPD is an academy of excellence. Membership is by nomination only. Candidates can be nominated by either the ESSPD board or by at least two existing members of the ESSPD.

Eligible as candidates for membership are individuals who have a record of high quality work in the field of personality disorders in science, policy making, clinical skills and/or education and teaching. This will be a person that is recognized by his/her peers as having a high level of competence and skill signified through contributions in any of the mentioned fields of activity.

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Who can I contact if I have any questions concerning my membership?

The ESSPD secretary will be happy to answer any questions, concerns or comments you might have regarding the ESSPD and its membership programme.

Contact for membership

Secretary for the ESSPD
Nicola Harding
T.: +44 20 7679 5997
F.: +44 20 7916 8502