Message from the current President

The ESSPD is an academy of excellence for eminent researchers, clinicians, educators and policy makers with a strong wish to join forces to improve our understanding and treatment of personality disorder and ensure that personality disorder remains a subject of high importance to governments, health services, clinicians, and the public.

Lars Mehlum, current President of the ESSPD

Scientific News

Guideline Based Treatment at the Trimbos-Institute, Utrecht

by Ad Kaasenbrood

Background: In 2008 the Trimbos-Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands, edited the Multidisciplinary Guideline (MDG) on Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders. This was perceived as a major achievement. The treatment of personality disorders until then had been surrounded by a dark and negative aura: Having a personality disorder was equated to being untreatable. Read the article

The Norwegian Network of Personality-focused Treatment Programmes

by Geir Pedersen

In 1992 the leaders of a number of treatment units came together and established the Norwegian Network of Psychotherapeutic Day Hospitals (Karterud, Pedersen et al., 1998). Their primary motivation was that the units were treating patients with comparable problems (Personality disorders) by comparable therapeutic interventions (Group therapy). Read the article